How to make reusable bags

September 23, 2020

 Hi there!

 I recently made some new reusable bags for groceries and I wanted to share with you how you can make your own as well pretty easily! I followed the directions from the Spoonflower blog.

You can make a set of 4 bag in about an hour and it's a great project for all levels, beginners as well! So, if you are trying to reduce your waste and need some reusable bags, let's get started. 

First, let me show you what I used.


1.- One yard of Sweet Pea Gauze from Spoonflower. One yard is enough to make 4 bags. I made a bigger one for potatoes and such and smaller ones. 

For the bigger reusable bag I used a piece of fabric of 28"x 18". 

The smaller bags are 22"x16" and 20"x15". 

But, really, you can make any size you want! 

If you are interested in the fabrics I used, here there are the links: Stripes 60s cafe, 60s flowers field, and 60s vibes. You can check the full 60s vibes collection here.

2.- Matching thread.

3.- Sewing maching.

4. - Scissors and ruler.

5.- A piece of ribbon or cord (you can even use laces from old shoes, wash it before using).

6.- Fabric marker and pins.


1. - So the very first thing we are going to do is to iron the fabric. Then we are going to measure our rectangles in the fabric. Either: 28"x 18", 22"x16", or 20"x15". 
This fabric was divided into 4 rectangles of 28"x18".

2.- Trace your rectangles in the fabric then you can go ahead and start cutting. I made several bags of each to use for gifts. They make for great gifts and you are helping other families decrease their waste. So it's a win-win! 

3.- Now, I did a zig-zag stitch around the fabric to finish the edges and prevent the fabric from fraying. 

For the zig-zag stitch I selected #15 in my sewing machine. It might look different in yours, but anything with a zig-zag will do. 

4.- Next, you will make a mark 3 inches from the top of the fabric. We will hem (meaning fold about 1/4" from the edge) from the 3 inches mark to the top on both sides of the fabric. 

Make sure you are using the top of your fabric. In some fabric the top and bottom won't be obvious or important, depending on the design. 

The zig-zag stitch will help to create your top-side hem. You can use a regular straight stitch all the way to your 3" marking on both sides of the fabric. 

This is what it look like before we go ahead and hem the top as well. 

5.- Same thing for the top of the fabric. We will fold the top 1/4" and hem the top. 
This is how it will look like after you hem the top of the fabric. 

6.- Now, I folded the top of the fabric 1/4" and then fold it again to match the marking at 3 inches from the top. Keep in mind this is the space where you are going to insert your lace or cord, so make sure it fits. 
Pin the fabric as you fold it. 

This is the top with the double fold, pins along the top and ready to sew. When you sew, do it 1/4" from the bottom of the fold to leave space for your lace or cord. 

7.- Now you can sew around the top (1/4 inch from the bottom edge). 
This is how it looks like after you sew it.

8.- We are almost done! You can fold the fabric in half now with the right sides touching (length wise).  Pin along the bottom and the side. You will sew along the dotted line. Make sure you leave open the top, where the lace will go at the end! 
Sew along the dotted line. 

9.- Now, you can sew around the bottom and the side and you are done sewing.

10.- Time to insert the lace. You can use a safety pin (if it's a shoe lace you won't really need it). 

All done! Congratulations! 

Ready to go grocery shopping. It's super easy and fast. You can make as many different sizes as you want. They also make for great and thoughtful gifts! 

Thank you for stopping by! 


Please, let me know in the comments if you found this tutorial useful and if there is anything else you will be interested in sewing!

Happy sewing!

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