The Country dress by Abelis

June 30, 2021

 Country dress 

I was so fortunate to be selected by Abelis to test her wonderful Country dress. It's a super easy pattern that looks very flattering! I love the neck so very much and how much drape the skirt has. 

I used one of my fabric designs called 'Wild Flowers over beige' from my 'Wild Explorers' fabric collections. You can find it here. You can select from more than 20 different types of fabric! 

I made mine without a zipper because it fitted just fine without it! Since you have make an inside layer for the top, I would start with that and if it fits over your head then you can skip the zipper! I used a woven fabric with no stretch at all. Next time, I definitely want to try with some knit fabric, although I might go down one size since it will be stretchy. 

I decided to wear it with a belt, but it looks wonderful without it as well. I will take some photos next time! 

The shape of the neck is just lovely! 

A side view of the dress.

Honestly, it's just perfect for the summer. It's the perfect addition for your summer wardrobe. I really think that everyone needs a dress like this! 

Look at that twirl! So, if I have persuade you, you can find the Country dress pattern here

Happy sewing!


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