Hi there! 

My name is Ana, the designer behind Moshito Design. Every since I was a little girl I have been very passionate about science and nature and it remains so to this day! That’s the reason why most of my designs are inspired by science and nature. I also have two very curious daughters that inspire me to create based on their curiosity and interests. 

I started my designing journey a while back when I taught myself to sew to make handmade clothing and other items for my babies. As my daughters developed their little personalities I found it harder and harder to fulfill their requests in terms of patterns, colors, and designs. So I started to feel like there was a gap in design options for girls. Their little curious minds wanted more than just princesses, unicorns, and flowers! So, I decided to start creating my own patterns based on their interests, which are a little bit outside of the box. I am a scientist at heart and strongly believe in the growth mindset. So, here we are at the beginning of our journey, ready to learn and improve with you! 

In this website you can find my designs, but also lots of sewing inspiration and tips that I have learned throughout the years. I also want to share with you my journey to become a surface pattern designer. I'd love to share with you everything I have learned so far! Hoping I can make your path a little bit easier. 

Thank you for visiting!


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